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Re: Please tell me why...

I don't really have any suggestions. I was your DD once upon a time. My dad could anything he wanted to my hair, my aunt the same. My mom so much as looked at me with the thought of brushing my hair and I'd go ballistic. Dad and aunt never, ever hurt me brushing my hair. With mom it was always brutally painful. I have no idea what they did differently but I remember begging to go across town to have one of them do my hair instead of mom. Today there are very few people I allow to touch my head and even fewer who I encourage to touch my hair. I can barely tolerate having my hairstylist touch my head but I could let DH play all day long and actually ask him for head massages. I guess my advice is to just try to let someone she'll tolerate do it as often as you can afford to until she figures out how to do it herself.
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