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Re: Entertaining a 5mo?

I love me some wraps too, mama!! But they do have a little longer learning curve than a MT. you can get a really nice used one from FSOT at there are lots of different styles of MTs, Kozy is a great one, larger bodied, sturdy, BabyHawks are another one that is a square style, and the come in all sorts of pretty fabrics. You can also check out wraps there (Didys, Storchs being two popular German Style Wovens, and GypsyMama being a great place to get gauze wraps in pretty batiks and dyes) wraps are great and so versitile, you can do just about any carry with them. Really try The Babywearer site, it is fabulous (a bit overwhelming at first, but so is CDing sometimes!! )
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