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Re: Do you pre-read library books?

Usually. I took DD to the library today for story time, but it is over until September. We pulled up a few chairs and DD brought me Little Red Riding Hood to read, so I didn't bother screening it. I should have! This version had the woodsman come hack the wolf open AFTER he ate the granny & Red whole. Before we even got to the eating part, DD (who knows the general story and usually gets scared from my overzealous "ALL THE BETTER TO EAT YOU WITH") said she didn't want to finish the story. I said "No, sweetie, it's okay. This is a children's story, so it can't be that bad. Let's see what happens..." Well, she was definitely disturbed. Poor kid. I had to point out that the story was written to help teach kids that they shouldn't talk to strangers, and she got that, but I don't think she liked the idea of being eaten alive.
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