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Re: Cow milk vs Formula

Originally Posted by masonite
Just as an FYI. About 50% of kids that have allergies (allergic or just sensitive) to milk will also be sensitive to Soy proteins.

My son is one of those! We knew of his milk allergy, and at 15 months the Peds GI had us start giving him Soy milk. He has had severe reactions to that, and we are re-evaluating all of his food/milk intake.

I would definitely have your son be seen by a doctor if not a GI specialist (if possible). They can help guide you in the right direction.

Goats milk is a good option, that most kids with milk and soy allergies can have. You can find it in the regular grocery store, right by the regular milk and soy milk.

Good luck!
This mama is living my life!!! We too, found out after multiple Dr./specialist visits that our (now) 3 yr. old can't tolerate milk or soy and she has been on rice milk since about 2 yrs. old. Amazing how your body will stop re-acting once allergens are removed from your system. We ran through a whilrwind of tests with her only to finally be told that she was gluten intolerant and then find out that it was actually the soy milk that she couldn't take!!
Then comes my son who couldn't eat anything!! He was barely even still nursing at six months, his poor body was so messed up. We tried every formula know to mankind because my supply was sooo low and he needed weight on him ASAP. (He weighed 13 lbs. at 6 + mos.) He is now eating like crazy and weighs 21 lbs at 15 mos. old. He has recently been switched to milk and is doing great. However he did do rice milk for a time because it doesn't have the animal proteins in it that the other milks have and it easier on their digestive system. (This is probably why the PP said that her WIC office told her it had no nutritional value. It doesn't have near the amount of protein in it that other milks (including goat's milk) can have, but if it is vitamin fortified it should be ok.) We get around the protein issue by adding a teaspoon of protein powder to the kids drinks daily and they love daughter calls it frosting milk!
But I would agree with the PP that you may want to talk to your Dr. and they should be able to refer you for testing if he indeed has an allergy or intolerance. My son has had problems for over a year now and he will finally have skin testing done in about three more weeks!! Good Luck!!
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