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Am I overprotective?

I was listening to my aunt this weekend talk about how she had kept her 18 month old granddaughter for a week and her six month old grandson for three days and I reflected that dh and I didn't let our ds spend the night away until he was 17-18 months (with his parents) and now our dd has yet to even be with a baby sitter at all and she is 11 months. I have good reasons (IMO) for not letting my parents keep my kiddos and really don't agree with my in laws parenting philosophy; but am I being overprotective to not let my kiddos stay away from home? I don't want to shelter them all their lives; but how do you feel more comfortable doing that? I've never really thought of myself as overprotective, really think I'm a pretty laid back person; but I just don't feel really comfortable with this one thing.
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