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Re: Am I overprotective?

My ds1 didn't stay a night away from us until he was almost 2.5yrs and that was only because I was in the hospital and dh was staying with me. My mother slept with him in our bed so he wouldn't feel upset. Now at almost five he sleeps with my parents some of the time, but we all share the same house, so it isn't like sleeping away it is more just like choosing to sleep in a different bed. Ds2 has never been away from us at all for more than a couple of hours. My IL's keep wanting to have ds1 over for the night or weekend, like the other nieces and nephews, but I won't let them. Part of it is just being over protective, but a large part of it is that I don't think they could handle him. It's like they don't hear me when I tell them what is going on with him. He is autistic and that means things have to be done a certain way. I can tell them these things dozens of times, but they just don't get it. Plus they forget to change his diaper which I know it is weird to have to change a 5yr olds diaper, but they know he is still in diapers so don't they know they have to change them? I have contemplated letting him stay for a night if he wants to just so they can see what it's like. I don't think they would ever ask to keep him again.
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