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Re: Long Road Trip

I'd def use cloth. It's easy peasy. I just take a real big wet bag or even a big pickle jar or platic paint-type bucket if you KWIM. Those can seal & be kept in the trunk. I'd be sure to have some fleece liners or something to wick moisture away from the bum since it may be longer than normal for changing. Try something thirsty for the trip - we tend to use our hemp OSFs for car trips w/a fleece liner.

As far as feeding... silly but to keep from stopping all the time - I have a sipper LOL Even for short 30 min trips I find myself just letting DH drive so I can sit near DS & I often just whip out a boobie and lean over his carset It's easy & better than stopping & unbuckling for what a lot of times is just a quick sip for thirst.

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