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Re: Am I overprotective?

I often think that people are just trying to get kids to be to independant way to early. I don't think I am overprotective at all and yet my ds who is 15 months has never been left with anyone other than my MIL. Only for a few hours in the day, and one time she put him to bed at our home, but they are also here for weeks at a time from FL so it's not like going to stay somewhere else. I just can't imagine being away from him for more than an hour or so. I miss him.

But then when I went to get my hair cut last week, they girl cutting it said that she and her boyfriend were keeping the boyfriends's nephew for a week, the baby was about 16 months and the couple was only about 19!!! I thought, no freakin way I would leave my son with my 19 year old brother for a week. But some people are just more concered with their own lives.
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