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Re: Our Family cloth (tolietpaper) set up w/pics

Originally Posted by nonipie View Post
Really awesome stash and setup! Were did you get your wipes from?
Theres a mishmosh of wahm nothing special since 99% flannel/flannel and mostly large scraps not all are even 8x8 ect - there are a few with flannel/obv there nice but not worth spending the money on 8x8 wipes of them i really do love my stash of wipes !

my personal wipes are hemp/terry there rather thin but i love them there large 8x8 or 9x9 cant rember but heres her store very nice - i cant find her store its been a min but this is her ebay and she would link you to her store great prices not high end wipes but they get the job done and i wanted natural color so i could bleach them
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