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Re: Question about drop side cribs

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
If I heard can sell it w/ the repair kit until June or July of this year...then you will no longer be able to sell it.

As far as using it...I don't think the police are going to come knock on your door and ask if you have a dropside crib.
Good to know, as for the police comment, that made me But I'm really more worried about safety than legality.

Originally Posted by Sha-nanagins View Post
Basic summary of this website: it's not just the drop side issue that's affected - the new cribs have to have stronger slats/rails and stronger mattress supports as well as eliminating the drop sides. If you already own a drop-side crib and want to keep using it in your home for your own child, you can, but you need to call the manufacturer and see if there is an "immobilizer" for your specific crib model (this "locks" the drop side in place so it doesn't move). If not, you can still use the crib, but must check it frequently to make sure all the hardware is secure and unbroken.

After June 28, you cannot sell, donate, or otherwise give away your old crib. If you are not using it for your own children, it must be disassembled and thrown away.

That all makes sense me. Thanks so much. Now that I have all the info dh and I can make an informed decision. When I goggled it all I got was info on the recall, not really the why or anything.
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