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Re: Childish and possibly hormonally induced rant... *sigh*

I'm with the rest of you. I, especially, have no mommy friends with children my son's age (almost 5 months). I'm going to be 40 in a month, and the reading groups etc. that I have attended are mostly mommies in their 20's and only a few in their early 30's. I have nothing in common with the younger mommies and those in their early 30's don't have children close to my son's age. Some days, I experience acute loneliness. DF has plenty of friends and goes out with them on the weekends while I stay home and do laundry and take care of our son. Like most men, my fiance is not much of a talker. He listens with one ear and can't relate to many things I share, because he isn't very involved in caring for our son. I'm glad I at least have my mom to talk to. You aren't alone and there's lots of us feeling the same way. Thanks for posting and letting me rant. It helps make me feel better to.
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