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Re: Childcare providers-are you raising someone else's child?

I've only had that "seem" to be the case with 2 DC parents out of the 17 I've served. It wasn't so much the total hours I had their children or anything like that. They just didn't seem very child oriented or tuned in. The kid was more an accessory or after thought. They liked the idea of having a child but not the reality? I guess that's how I'd put it.
It's a vibe. It's comments. It's not having supplies or being aware of their child's development or showing interest in what they are doing(but they love to talk about themselves!)
It's never about hours here vs hours there. PT vs FT. Single parent vs dual households. Etc.
I went to my twin DC girls' birthday party & when their mom introduced me to her mom(the girls' grandma), the grandma said "oh, you're like their second mother!"
I always find this type of comment oddly insulting to the parent. And I don't see myself as a replacement or stand in for mom. They have a mom. And comparing myself & duties to hers is doing her a great disservice in my mind.
And even the 2 parents who were different, I didn't feel like I was parenting their kids, only sad that the kids didn't have parents who seemed to care like a parent should.
If that makes sense?
I dunno. It's late and I had a long hard day. I should really put my footie pjs on & just go to bed.
Bye bye.

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