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August 2010 Babies- Summer 2011 Chat

Hey ladies! How is everyone doing?

I really miss our regular threads! I just wanted to catch up with all of the August mamas and babies.

Elias is nearly 10 months old now (but 8.5 months adjusted). He is doing really well. His colic/reflux is gone. He no longer has to be on hypoallergenic formula or medication. We started solids a few weeks back and he loves his fruits (not so much the veggies). He weighs 23lbs!

The physical therapy really helped. He has been army crawling for awhile now. He started getting on his hands and knees of kind of crawling last week. Today he officially chased after his sister on hands and knees, so I think it is safe to say he is officially crawling. My other kids also crawled around 8-9 months. Considering he wasn't even rolling over at 6 months, I wasn't expecting him to become mobile so soon.

He is also sleeping 6-8 hour stretches at night, finally!

As for me, all is well here. Almost 12 weeks pregnant with baby #5. We had a u/s and there is definitely only 1 baby in there. I had some bleeding on and off due to a hematoma but so far it hasn't affected the baby.
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