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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Tam, if you wean him, try eats on feets
I am sorry you are going thru a rough time right now can we help you?

Mer, yay for the heartbeat this melancholy board needs fun news like that

Elena, what's the deal with Levi's night screaming? Sorry! and why are you worried about falling asleep so you think you are pg?

Jessica, what's going on? I bet you look great as a skank

AFM: oh my effin gosh. ok, so I left the window open and it stormed (yes I keep doing that but the AC isn't working). I was up ALL night and nothing came in the window. Well, from 6:15-6:40, I slept, it came in and flooded our room, the dining room and kitchen below and the basement leaked too....right on the banner I had just made for Kailani's birthday I swear, I have never had this happen so much. In no other house! SO, no more window open for me....I know it is bc the gutters get clogged and we call them and they don't do anything. They bring up stuff that we supposedly have broken, so I am not calling (I am afraid of getting evicted). So I gotta see if my mom will come to town and bring her dehumidifiers. It sucks. It's like the floor between the floors is made of paper and a drop of water goes to the next floor. Then yesterday we got a paper about mowing and pulling weeds (um, we JUST mowed 6 days ago, but it rained a lot). And some of the fence posts are broken. Again, we live right by the parking lot and there have been trees down and storms. It's not our responsibility, but i am afraid to not do it. We wouldn't be able to move (no $$ for sec dep, etc, etc) so I am scared.

Enough of that

AFK: he is walking so well....yesterday, he turned around while walking and went the other direction and to move around something, he walked sideways! I have been taking him outside so he can push his alligator walker and he acts like he is mowing the sidewalk, lol. One weird thing, he won't walk in the grass at all! He just stands there, but will walk on gravel, no shoes (and I can't get shoes on him :/). He has been going about 4-5 hrs at night w/o nursing, and then about every 3 during the day, rest of night. Then he was really clingy (and I thought it was bc it was hot in the house and I was fussy), but he feels really hot now and is hoarse (he wakes up crying and sounds hoarse), so not sure. I don't like these fevers! I will end on a good note- when he wants you to come, like to walk beside him (when we were outside), he looks at you, says, "eh" and does his hand in a "come here" motion
Jul, This used to be a great place
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