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Please send your thoughts, prayers, good vibes UPDATE in OP

or whatever else you believe in We are going for the level two u/s on monday and after a 'positive' NT screen I am a bit nervous, trying not to be. Our NT gave us a risk of T21 of 1 in 159 which is 'positive', but after much soul searching we didn't do the early amnio, and are waiting to see what the u/s shows (no plans for termination, and I have a hx of recurrent loss so don't want to take chances with our LO). The waiting is killer, we are hoping for fantastic results, but know our LO will be loved and accepted regardless of chromosones. Would appreciate whatever good vibes, prayers or wishes you can send our way!

UPDATE: U/S went awesome!! I was super nervous, kepting thinking of all the possible soft markers and such, but everything was measuring perfect, bang on my EDD and no soft markers found! And we found out we are having a boy!! DS is so excited, we have two girls and will have two boys. Thanks so much for all your kind words, thoughts, and prayers!
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