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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Originally Posted by tamarag View Post
Hi ladies...ROugh time for me (whats new) Just feel pretty down and worthless. I have supported DH in his career, job moving whatever and now I just feel like crap. I have been out of a job forever just being a sahm (which I royally suck at) I am so jealous because DH is going to go back to school for his masters degree. When will I get to do what I want to do? When can i do something that makes me happy? I feel like I am in a deep dark hole with 3 kids clawing me, flighting with each other, fighting with me and the whole world is walking by looking down and going on about their day not giving a rats arse! I have talked to DH about it and he just doesn't get it and if he does he doesn't care. I saw my psych today and she switched me meds and really urged me to quit bfing with hopes it will help and that we can do different meds if these dont work.
Like everything is too much for me right now. I cleaned the kitchen yesterday and nobody can lift a friggin finger to help keep it clean. The stupid dog pulled trash all over the kitchen, peed everywhere and DH acts like it is no big deal!
I'm sorry, Tamara. I would really debate weaning Cooper - in the long run are you going to feel okay with weaning before a year? If not, if you think it would be a disappointment, then it's worth it to keep going till a year and then wean and see what can be done with meds.
Are you doing anything else in the meantime along with the meds - getting outside for fresh air, walks/exercise? I know it's tough with kids in tow all the time, but it's so worth the work. For me and my depression issues, it's like night and day when I can get outside for a walk or some sunshine and fresh air.
I don't really have any advice about the whole DH/dog situation. But for the housework/tidying stuff there's definitely no reason that your DD and DS (to some extent) can't help out. Our kids are expected to help out around the house when asked - we're working on the good attitude while doing so, but they do help out. They have to understand that as part of the family it's everyone's responsibility to help out in/around the house from time to time. Now I certainly don't mean that they do all or even a lot of chores - but picking up all the toys in their rooms/the living room/the playroom so that I can vacuum is a help, kwim?

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
Elena, what's the deal with Levi's night screaming? Sorry! and why are you worried about falling asleep so you think you are pg?

AFM: oh my effin gosh. ok, so I left the window open and it stormed (yes I keep doing that but the AC isn't working). I was up ALL night and nothing came in the window. Well, from 6:15-6:40, I slept, it came in and flooded our room, the dining room and kitchen below and the basement leaked too....right on the banner I had just made for Kailani's birthday I swear, I have never had this happen so much. In no other house! SO, no more window open for me....I know it is bc the gutters get clogged and we call them and they don't do anything. They bring up stuff that we supposedly have broken, so I am not calling (I am afraid of getting evicted). So I gotta see if my mom will come to town and bring her dehumidifiers. It sucks. It's like the floor between the floors is made of paper and a drop of water goes to the next floor. Then yesterday we got a paper about mowing and pulling weeds (um, we JUST mowed 6 days ago, but it rained a lot). And some of the fence posts are broken. Again, we live right by the parking lot and there have been trees down and storms. It's not our responsibility, but i am afraid to not do it. We wouldn't be able to move (no $$ for sec dep, etc, etc) so I am scared.

Enough of that

AFK: he is walking so well....yesterday, he turned around while walking and went the other direction and to move around something, he walked sideways! I have been taking him outside so he can push his alligator walker and he acts like he is mowing the sidewalk, lol. One weird thing, he won't walk in the grass at all! He just stands there, but will walk on gravel, no shoes (and I can't get shoes on him :/). He has been going about 4-5 hrs at night w/o nursing, and then about every 3 during the day, rest of night. Then he was really clingy (and I thought it was bc it was hot in the house and I was fussy), but he feels really hot now and is hoarse (he wakes up crying and sounds hoarse), so not sure. I don't like these fevers! I will end on a good note- when he wants you to come, like to walk beside him (when we were outside), he looks at you, says, "eh" and does his hand in a "come here" motion
I have no clue what's up with Levi and sleeping/screaming/nights lately. Although last night he slept like a dream - he fussed around 1am, I thought he'd want to nurse, but he just wanted his paci - rolled over with it, didn't even really wake up. He did that a couple more times, but didn't wake wanting to nurse until 4 or so. That was nice!
I am getting so frustrated with his napping - or rather lack of - though. It's driving me nuts that it takes over half an hour of me cuddling and nursing him to get him to sleep during the day. If I sit and hold him, he'll nap for 1.5hrs or so - wonderful except I do have a 4yr old and a house to care for as well! Whenever I lay him down I can bet money that he'll be up within 30mins of laying down - usually 30mins on the dot. But this morning was only about 10mins. Driving me absolutely crazy. I wouldn't mind the cuddling, etc if he'd have a decent nap after laying down - Zech was like that, needed cuddles but then would sleep for 1.5-2hrs. I'd love to be able to lay Levi down after some cuddles, nursing, rocking, etc like I could with Isaac, but I've tried a few times and much screaming ensues - and not like just a few minutes and he goes to sleep. He would go on for hours if I left him.
Anyhoo, whatever. Maybe he'll never be a good napper, I dunno. Maybe I should try just one nap instead of trying for morning and afternoon naps? But he gets so tired at 10:30 and if he doesn't sleep he gets grumpy and fussy.

Yes, going to bed so early is very reminiscent of early pregnancy for me. As is falling on the stairs (which I've done twice now, a couple weeks ago at dance and yesterday I fell up the stairs here). And I'm peeing a lot. And my nails are growing fast. No. I'm not taking a hpt. Couldn't bear to see a neg, even though we aren't trying and I wouldn't even want to really be pregnant again this soon - I'm still enjoying Levi's babyness too much.

OMGoodness! I'm so sorry about the flooding! Oh no!!! About the claims of damages - did you guys have a walk-through and sign something listing the details of anything before moving in? Oh that just stinks. House stuff is always so stressful to deal with.
How's Hana liking working with your Dad? (just popped into my head, sorry for the tangent, lol)

K, walking and wanting company!!!

AFM: Levi's working on walking too now. He can go 2 or 3 steps, between people or the couches, etc. He gets so happy and proud of himself, lol. Too cute.
His third tooth (top left one, kwim?) is just about enough through to see it. It's been a long week + of that one. :banhgead: Which has probably contributed to the night waking/screaming we've had. I hope the other one isn't the same! I did put his teething necklace back on yesterday (have had it off for a couple months now) just to see if it would make any difference for/with him. Dunno if it's doing anything or not. Although he does seem to be drooling less today.

Ruthie had her school musical last night - Adorable! She did such a great job! And the boys were actually pretty good, sitting and watching it. Fairly quiet.

Today I need to take Isaac to a preschool wellness thing - they check hearing, sight, and development, and usually speech language but the pathologist is still on mat leave so they're waiting on that until Sept. It's so that they know where the child is before starting kindergarten, that way if any resources are needed for the child they can have them ready to go right away.
And I think Zech wants me to take him to karate tonight.
And Ruth and Isaac are supposed to have dance pictures done tomorrow. I'm undecided on them, honestly. I don't want to bother going - dance has been such a big hassle for me this year, so unenjoyable except for watching them have so much fun. But there's so little left I do want to finish with a good effort. So I'll probably pack everyone up and go in, get a couple pics for this year. And I'm SO hoping that they'll be fine with trying something different next year - Ruthie has been talking about piano lessons, and I know they have gymnastics in a town about 10mins away (which would be so much better), and we've all ready registered Isaac for karate in Sept. I'd love a break from dance, even if only for a year.

Anyways, gotta go make lunch. Sorry for the novel - I'm feeling even better, thus more chatty
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