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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Elena I am glad you are feeling better! Just reading your posts makes me tired. You are so busy.
I am sure you've tried but will he sleep or cuddle with one of your shirts that you've slept in? I seriously don't know why I waited so long to get the hammock! Since then he has slept thru the night! You could really make one easily!
Yeah Elena I feel like I would be even more depressed from weaning and that it may create more trouble...I have an appt with the Pedi to check his ears and I will see how she feels with the new med dosage. Although i feel more comfy after talking with the pharmacist and talking with infantrisk (dr. hales hotline) So since he is a few days away from 11 months I will push thru till a year and see how it is at that time.
I will be working hard on getting the kids to help out are right, there is no reason why they can not help and pick up after themselves. part of it is my fault because it is just easier to scream and yell at them and then do it myself, then be mad for having to do it....vicious cycle!

Jul i can not believe K so advanced (well all of the junebugs are except Cooper ) I am totally ok with due time I will be chasing that booger everywhere! He actually turns in circles while sitting, so funny! The more I watch him the more I think he wont crawl at all and go from sitting to pulling up to walking!
So sorry about the flood. Man there has been some crazy weather everywhere. Sounds like the landlords are kinda a PITA! So cute about K telling you to come...
Thanks for the hugs. It really does mean alot that you ladies are so helpful and supportive. I feel alone alot of the time and being able to talk with you gals helps immensly! I hope this group never goes away or I would really cry!

AFM...well I started back on an old med that makes me really sleepy..I took it at 8:45 and I am already starting to feel groggy. My doc said that I really needed it and that I deserved a nice restful sleep!
This weekend I am doing my first 5k...only walking it though. There is no way I could run it and may have to bring both boys...should be interesting.
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