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Re: DH wants to start a nightly bottle...but I don't...(long vent)

thanks for the tips and suggestions. Yeah, the main issue is I don't want to give a bottle period...formula or BM. I must say, last night was SOOOO tempting though. Lately, DS has this horrible grunting, fidgety, fitful, restless time of "sleep" in the wee hours of 4-5am or so. I cannot sleep, he will nurse some, but is on and off, on and off. By the end of the day I am WIPED as I never get a chance to nap. DS has his fussy time of cluster feeding and needing to nurse nonstop until about 10-10:30pm. I was falling asleep sitting up last night at 9:30 trying to nurse him. I was so tired that the bottle thought popped up in my mind.

I think DH as bonded, I think he said that in a moment of frustration. Anyway, thanks again for the tips! DS did an almost 3 hour stretch last night, so we are moving in the right direction! I would much rather him do 2-3 hour stretches and go back to sleep than do one longer stretch and then do that grunting stuff!
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