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Red face Potty Training Help PLEASE!!!!

So my 21 month old DS tells me when he has to pee and poop even when he has on a diaper. It's like we have to give him permission to do it in his diaper. So...I thought, what the heck...he seems ready enough....I put him in underwear or sometimes naked and he's fine...When he has to go potty, he runs to me and tells me, but as soon as I sit him on the potty, he flips out..I mean screaming and crying and going into histerics asking for a diaper. So...I have to take him out of his underwear and put on a diaper for him to pee or poop. How would you handle this? Would you just leave him in diapers for a while and not worry about it or would you continue to put him in underwear and putting him back in a diaper when he has to go potty. I'm confused.
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