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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Jul - I'm scared to teach my kids to help with laundry, although they most likely would do all right. DH doesn't even touch my washer/dryer without explicit instructions though, lol.
Nope, no testing for me. Not yet anyways. I'm quite sure I'm not pregnant, just feeling odd from stress. At any rate, no testing!
I'm sorry things aren't going great with your dad and Hana. Sounds like your dad's just a rough tough guy, not bad, just that way. But if Hana's not used to it it would get to him.
More I hope K starts feeling better soon. Poor little guy.

AFM: it seems like when I get one decent night out of Levi I end up paying for it for the next week! Last night was 12:30am until 3am. He does have a cold though and was very stuffy. I finally gave in and got him some cold meds and he was able to "unstuff" and sleep.
This morning he started getting tired around 10am and crawled in my lap. I had him just fall asleep and then had to get up to get Isaac a snack. Levi slept for all of 3mins. Seriously. So I just got him up and kept him up until after lunch. By 12:30pm he was really tired, fell asleep nursing, and stayed asleep when I laid him in our bed. He stayed asleep until nearly 4pm So, I think keeping him up for one nap after lunchtime may be the best option to get a decent naptime in with him. It won't really work when we're out and about in the day, he usually sleeps in the van, but for when we're home all day we'll try it.
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