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Re: Wool/lycra pull-on covers other than Luxe? SPAM PLS

I have a Royal Buns that is too big, but it seems to be awesome quality. I love the feel of it and her dye jobs are very even. I like the cut on these, too- the legs are cut more like boyshorts (think women's underware) than bikinis. Very, very cute.

I am totally in love with Wild Child Woolies, but I only have shorties, so while I can vouch for the workmanship (AWESOME) I know nothing about the soakers.

Rumpknits is great, but I think they are out of stock right now. They are all thinner than most pull-ons so they feel damp quicker. I love them for day, because they breathe so well.

Be sure to always check the feedback forums at Hyena Cart and the feedback at The Diaper Pin before placing a large custom order with anyone.
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