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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
I don't feel like I do nearly enough, so it's so nice to have you mamas telling me I do, lol. Actually I never thought to try putting something of mine in his bed I think I'll try that tomorrow, maybe just a pillow case off my pillows or something, across his mattress where his head lays. Hmm... although I have been laying him down (for naps) in our bed, which obviously would smell like us, and that's where he's waking after max 30mins. Grr. I may try it still, though. I'd just love longer naps from him, even if it means one decent nap after lunchtime. I don't mind the night waking, once or twice to nurse back to sleep, as long as it's not accompanied by 2hrs of screaming!
I do wonder if a hammock or something like that would help - heck, I'd use the swing still if he stayed in it, but when he wakes up he started grabbing the side and leaning out and could possibly get his head stuck between the seat and the bars - just not safe anymore. Anyways, he will nap longer periods if he falls asleep in his car seat and stays asleep when I stop the van - which he almost always does if it's naptime. When he does this and I'm home (like today) I just leave him in the van and check on him every 5-10mins. Today was very easy, it was warmer so the van window was open and the house windows were open ( for that, btw!!! oh that made me feel so good!). He'll nap there for 1.5-2hrs, every time.

I wasn't trying to put down the idea of weaning now, just wanted to make sure you thought of it from all angles, kwim? I just wouldn't want you to wean and then realize after that you felt badly for doing so - I know that it would pain me horribly to have to wean before a year and would end up causing more depression from guilt than I could ever hope to treat with meds. It's not an easy choice at all. But you are very close at this point.

Oh, I hate groggy feelings from meds.
Good luck on the marathon! Do you have a good double stroller? Like a bike trailer one would be perfect for it. Even if you have to take the boys, I bet they'd have fun (and probably nap a good chunk). Just make sure to bring them some snacks and definitely something to drink.
I didn't take it that way. No worries! I only had to take Cooper with me so it wasn't bad. He did really well, fell asleep for about 30 minutes and was good for the rest of the time!

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
Tam, good for you on the steps you are taking! I mean it, I think the 5K will be great- good exercise and fresh air is really helpful. If you ever need to talk or anything....PM me, I am happy to give you my #, ya know?
For the kids, I would really make a chart. My kids have done their own laundry since they were like 6, and emptied the dishwasher since they were 4 or one point, I had a big chart on the basement door where they rotated what chores they did. For example, maybe for a week (or a month), one kid was in charge of emptying the dishwasher, one was in charge of trash and recycling, one was in charge of pet feeding and poo pick up, and the last was in charge of towel laundry for everyone. And then weekly, it rotated for vacuuming, sweep/mop, etc. It worked really well, since it was in writing and so forth. And they used to have to earn tv and video game time. But alas, since the divorce and 2 of them going to school, it has gone to pot. I still have them do their own laundry and dishes, but everything else is on a whim, since they aren't here all the time, either at school, lacrosse, work (my oldest) or their dad's, so it's hard to get a routine. I do need to work on it though esp for the summer when they will be here weekdays. sorry for the tangent, just thought I would share what worked for us!

Elena, I don't think you said anything about the weaning in a bad way! It is good to get all sides of the coin and Tam knows we love and support her and Coop no matter what!
Hey, if napping in the car works, then do it! That's why my 2nd lived in the swing, lol.
And take a test, woman! Someone needs to keep Mer company
Sounds like you need a break from dance, have a new routine for a bit and then maybe go back to it if they miss it!

AFM: well, Hana loves the work, but my dad is mean, lol. he yells all the time and hana comes home a bit more emasculated each day...although, he is getting a tough skin. It's just scary bc the weather (lots of rain, no work) and it slows down in June, so....he is putting his resume back in AV thing
Tam, what is the infantrisk hotline? Do you think I could call them about yam cream? I need to do something about my progesterone but won't do anything UNnatural and don't want to do premarin either (pregnant mare urine cream )

AFK: sick again. Got a fever 2 nights ago with a really phlemy, gaggy cough. Out of nowhere (he had been a bit clingy). Then woke up no fever, but was a bit mellow and cough (sounds really wet and then he gags). Then last night at the lax game, he started feeling warm again and as we were leaving, he puked all inside the carrier- on me and him and the carrier, so it was driving 40 min home . Had a fever all night and coughy...idk what is going on. this am, fever and had a bit of diarrhea with is cough.
it is fun watching him discover new things. he goes down the stairs now too pretty well. forgot what else I was gonna say :/
Thanks Jul! I feel really good about the 5k and really want to do another one. I am going to try to get out in the evenings to jog/walk. I feel so guilty since we pay $72/month for a membership to the Y. The only use we are getting out of it is a discount for camps and preschool. Awww well what am I gonna do....
Poor K. Wonder whats going on? So many viruses sounds like he is just getting back to back ones.
So with the chart...what was the punishment for not doing them? I would like to limit tv time but honestly it is harder on me. and honestly everytime I complain about them I can only blame myself. I don't follow thru on anything...
and the number is 806-352-2519 you can call and they will tell you if it is safe. It is Dr. hales website and it is texas tech university...where I went to school!

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
Jul - I'm scared to teach my kids to help with laundry, although they most likely would do all right. DH doesn't even touch my washer/dryer without explicit instructions though, lol.
Nope, no testing for me. Not yet anyways. I'm quite sure I'm not pregnant, just feeling odd from stress. At any rate, no testing!
I'm sorry things aren't going great with your dad and Hana. Sounds like your dad's just a rough tough guy, not bad, just that way. But if Hana's not used to it it would get to him.
More I hope K starts feeling better soon. Poor little guy.

AFM: it seems like when I get one decent night out of Levi I end up paying for it for the next week! Last night was 12:30am until 3am. He does have a cold though and was very stuffy. I finally gave in and got him some cold meds and he was able to "unstuff" and sleep.
This morning he started getting tired around 10am and crawled in my lap. I had him just fall asleep and then had to get up to get Isaac a snack. Levi slept for all of 3mins. Seriously. So I just got him up and kept him up until after lunch. By 12:30pm he was really tired, fell asleep nursing, and stayed asleep when I laid him in our bed. He stayed asleep until nearly 4pm So, I think keeping him up for one nap after lunchtime may be the best option to get a decent naptime in with him. It won't really work when we're out and about in the day, he usually sleeps in the van, but for when we're home all day we'll try it.
Sorry about the sleep Elena. That is exactly how Anthony was up until 15 months when he weaned! Maybe keeping the 1st nap short say under 30 minutes that would help the later nap and thus help bedtime.

AFM: like above, I did the 5k and am looking at doing more! It was really nice and refreshing. Tons of kids, stroller friendly too. The next one I am looking at is more of a race and not a "fun run"....

So I am starting to worry about drinking while nursing....I have been under the mindset of "if your too drunk to drive then your too drunk to nurse" BUT after reading from Dr. Hales website I am a tad nervous....
Basically the amount to wait depends on how fast you metabolize the alcohol which depends on weight and therefore would determine how long to wait. I like to have a drink (one beer 2 max) at dinner and then I usually nurse him shortly after 1-1 1/2 hours later which would be when it peaks...I could wait till after he goes to bed but lately I am really enjoying having a beer at dinner....WWYD?
Sometimes I feel like an awful mother because of the amount of meds I take. I mean today I took my regular antidepressants, one zantac, 2 aleve and a diflucan all at the same time...then poor Cooper is exposed to all of that. I just feel bad like I am harming his liver and kidneys! This is definatly my anxiety talking....

Love the FB chat... Elena
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