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Re: JuneBirds 2010 April Chatter

Originally Posted by tamarag View Post
So with the chart...what was the punishment for not doing them? I would like to limit tv time but honestly it is harder on me. and honestly everytime I complain about them I can only blame myself. I don't follow thru on anything...

Sorry about the sleep Elena. That is exactly how Anthony was up until 15 months when he weaned! Maybe keeping the 1st nap short say under 30 minutes that would help the later nap and thus help bedtime.

AFM: like above, I did the 5k and am looking at doing more! It was really nice and refreshing. Tons of kids, stroller friendly too. The next one I am looking at is more of a race and not a "fun run"....

So I am starting to worry about drinking while nursing....I have been under the mindset of "if your too drunk to drive then your too drunk to nurse" BUT after reading from Dr. Hales website I am a tad nervous....

Love the FB chat... Elena
We have a chore chart as well - it's got a bunch of different spots per day, you can fill it in for whatever you want (markers, white board, kwim?). We talked to the kids and told them they will start with 'x' for allowance and if they have a bad day (generally this means missing 2 or more "chores") they will lose some of their allowance.
I say "chores" because they're not all really chores - right now they are:
- brush teeth, get dressed, make bed, backpack
- good table manners
- good attitude (this means playing nicely with friends/siblings, having a good attitude when asked to do things, etc)\
- homework & reading (for ruth and zech)
- keep clean & dry (for isaac)
We try to remember to do the chart each night before bed with them - there are magnet stickers they can put when they've accomplished that chore that day.
For the allowance and losing per day they are different for all the kids:
Ruth starts with $2, for a bad day she loses $0.25
Zech starts with $1, a bad day means losing $0.10
Isaac either gets $0.25 for a good week or $0.10 for a not great week (that would mean lots of accidents and not listening well for multiple days)
It seems to work for the most part with our kids.

Last night was really good! He went to bed at 9pm, woke to nurse at 2:30am, back to his crib until 7am! He napped really long yesterday afternoon, only one nap, and today I kept him up through the morning. I didn't get him down for a nap this afternoon until 1:30 and he only slept an hour, but oh well. We'll figure it out.

So glad you got to the 5k!!
I wouldn't worry about drinking while nursing - I never have. I mean, I wouldn't get drunk while nursing (or not nursing for that matter) but I have no problem having a drink or 2, like with dinner or a cold beer on a hot day, or a couple glasses of wine after their bedtime. I've never noticed anything different about any of the kids when I did.

Yeah, yeah, whatever!
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