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Re: Discouraged...what if lo is allergic to pul, fleece and being wet?

Originally Posted by wackifamily View Post
The stay dry top on the inserts is not fleece, it is suedecloth, and both of my babies can not use suedecloth, it makes them break out. My DD can ONLY use fleece. Once I switched to only using fleece, the PUL allergy and others I thought she had, disappeared. Have you tried actual fleece???
This mines not allergic to suade cloth but she can't have it on a long time or she gets contact rashes..actualy we get the same thing with fleece and do better with all cotton but the fleece is worth a try. I also like covers with no exposed pul there is also wool cotton covers and nylon. Nylon is necely breathable and quite afordable.

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