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Re: Potty Training Help PLEASE!!!!

DD#1 does the same thing - sort of. She's 2 1/2, and will come tell me that she needs a "queen bi-per" or in some cases she backs herself up to me if I"m sitting on the couch like I currently am, and will whine and almost scream "poopy". I can put her in big girl underware, take her to the potty in regular intervals (my boyfriend has done the same) and nothing. She will NOT go in the potty. She knows that pee-pee and poopy go in the potty, and will announce it when she's in the bathroom, but will still only go in a diaper. I figure she's got the idea down, but it's just a matter of her being ready to use the potty. Like my mom said yesterday when we were talking about it "one of these days she's going to surprise you and just start using the potty". I hope she's right.
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