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Re: How do you know if you have a problem? CDA

I'd prefer not to give my name. Someone might know me...

I am an addict. DH asked me in front of a huge group of people the other day, "Tell everyone what you call disposables on your dear Diaper Swappers." I meekly reply, "...sposies..." Then I go on to tell them how much I love cloth and that yes, I am totally obsessed. I admit it. I spend every moment that DS is asleep on this site. I blame it all on one of the bloggers on Blogging Baby. She mentioned this site and ever since then, I've been hooked.

My current obsession is finding the right fitted for night to go with my new wool. I have daytime fitteds, but nothing for night. That said, I have 2 mutts, 1 VBSN, 2 DD, and 1 Dehart coming in the near future. Hopefully a couple of those work!

I love pockets. They are my other obsession. I'm sure I'll try PFs's only a matter of time.
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