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Re: Potty Training Help PLEASE!!!!

Originally Posted by ferrferr View Post
DD#1 does the same thing - sort of. She's 2 1/2, and will come tell me that she needs a "queen bi-per" or in some cases she backs herself up to me if I"m sitting on the couch like I currently am, and will whine and almost scream "poopy". I can put her in big girl underware, take her to the potty in regular intervals (my boyfriend has done the same) and nothing. She will NOT go in the potty. She knows that pee-pee and poopy go in the potty, and will announce it when she's in the bathroom, but will still only go in a diaper. I figure she's got the idea down, but it's just a matter of her being ready to use the potty. Like my mom said yesterday when we were talking about it "one of these days she's going to surprise you and just start using the potty". I hope she's right.
I pretty much could have written that. This past week has been an oddysey in attempted pl'ing. My DD KNOWS what is supposed to go where, she just can't do it on the potty. She knows when she's gone, she'll tell anyone around. She can stop herself mid-stream when peeing and run to the potty to finish, but she can't get there before it starts. I've accepted that she's just not ready for now - this evening she went back into a diaper. I know pl'ing is just around the corner, but it might be a long walk to that corner.

My poor dd - her little attitude has been all wrong this past week. She's been so sour and demanding. At first when she had accidents, she seemed determined to improve, would agree loudly when I said next time it would go in the potty. After a few days, she seemed to no longer bat an eye at the accidents. It was no longer a big deal to have peed her Dora panties. I do NOT want to promote an attitude of acceptance of failure around here. Once that diaper went back on her, she was all smiles again. That pretty much convinces me to let HER lead, now. I don't mind diapers (ahem) and I'm not in a rush to get her into preschool, so there's really not a reason in the world for us to push so hard right now.
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