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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

Originally Posted by tamarag View Post
Oh Jul I am sorry K is sick. That is just miserable. I also have heard when Coop was sick that sometimes the lower the fever the worse it is. I hope it is just a virus and he gets better soon. Does he act like his neck is stiff? Will he nurse ok?

I love the chore charts that you and Elena talk about. My problem is that how I punish Paityn since she is 8 is totally different then how I would punish Anthony since he is only 3. Well then paityn gets upset thinking I am favoring him. Some things that Piatyn does gets her an automatic time out to her room for the rest of the day but I don't think I could do that with Anthony. KWIM. She already feels like we favor him more!

Did I show you guys the 2 outfits I am debating for Coopers Smash cake photo shoot....

Or minus the diaper cover....
he isn't acting like his neck is hurting and is nursing ok. His nursing is going fine, I do have to get him to nurse sometimes, bc he just cries and doesn't want that. He wants to be walked around or whatever. He will be happy and then dissolve in tears. And he is trying to keep a brave face, like he sees his brothers and tries to smile and interact, but then he crumples. He hasn't had a fever since last night, but I held him most of the day. His coughing sounds harder, not as productive. Oh, and he is stumbling more, like not walking as well, so I wonder if his ears are bothering him.

Anyway, it is perfectly FINE to have different punishments for different kids even if they are closer in age bc diff kids have diff needs! My oldest, the way you punish him is to take away his books, lol (when he was younger). Paityn also needs to understand that he is little and will of course have different consequences. It may not seem fair, but obviously the same punishment will not work for both AND the older child does have more responsibilities...but they also get more privileges, kwim? I am harder on my 14 yr old for hitting his 12 yr old brother bc he should be setting a good example EVEN if his younger brother "asks" for it.

About the outfit- they both are cute...I have seen those felt crowns at Target for about $7? You saw Kailani's shirt, right? WackyAlpacky on here made it for him....
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