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Re: My WF doesnt sell BG but they do sell UTN fitteds

Originally Posted by Katherine View Post
I thought the g's size large was quite small, too. They're supposed to fit like a bikini, though - high on the thigh and low rise. My WF has the g's, but no bg or utn. The one in Cleveland supposedly has bg's, though. I'll have to brave a trip to the inlaws to find out for sure, though.
well these barely fit high enough up front to cover his man parts. With it pointed down in the diaper, the liner is only like 1/2 inch above it. So if he moves wierd or his parts move, Im not sure how dry he will be. I tried one of the flushables and it soaked up a TON of pee. Now I have a prefold in it since thats what I originally bought them for.
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