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Re: May 2, 3, & 4 Chat

Originally Posted by jillybeans View Post
ahh Why can't I see the pics amy?! I wanna see!
We bought a TON of new plants this weekend. Made the big mistake of hitting Portland Nursery on Stark on friday...oh BOY that was really not good on both the wallet AND my contractions lol! But I just could NOT leave! Got some gorgeous plants! After we saw my nephew we stopped at the Sherwood Home Depot and got even MORE plants! My van was filled with shrubs, perennials and girls. lol!
THEN we got home and bought some trees on Sunday locally. There is a guy in our tiny town that sells wholesale trees. Two big aspens (think 5gal pots) and a red birch for $49!!! One of those at Home Depot would have been $50. I'm lovin it!
I don't know why! If you click on my stats on my avi, can you look at my albums? It is in the random one. I also posted on facebook.

Yeah for plants! I might have to check out Portland Nursery.... just to look of course! Have you been to Al's Garden Center? I could seriously go broke there.

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