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Re: How do/did you let go of your LO? Childcare....

Thanks mamas. I don't have a lot of options as far as facilities. I spent a day just working the phone trying to find centers that offer drop-in care. She gave me referrals and I will contact them today. Her mom lives with her and we also got to meet her. The provider has a fiance but he doesn't live there and is at work during the day. She said that we can meet him as well if we would like. She also said that if I ever feel the need to call or just check in, I am more than welcome to. She has a 4 y/o daughter who seems very bossy (just like every other 4 y/o I met sofar ) but they were getting along great and seemed to be liking each other. She did knock over a play table tho when her mom said "no" to something (I don't remember what it was) and honestly I am not sure if that normal as my LO has a gentle personality (not that she never throws tantrums )? DD felt comfortable there and started playing as soon as we got into the house though.

How do I go about a background check and how do I check her status (?) with the state if she's not licensed yet?

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