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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

I kwym about the punishments for different ages is hard because I have this little voice in my head that tells me to punish Anthony like Paityn to show Paityn that he isn't the favorite....does that make any sense. I feel like it needs to be 100% equal when I know it shouldn't be. So what ends up happening is Paityn isn't punished enough and Anthony is punished too much! It's all my moms fault....Paityn is her favorite and so she makes me feel guilty when I punish her or complain about her...then my mom says that she is acting the way she does because Anthony torments her and because she feels like she is not loved by Guy (DH) It's such a mess. When my mom was here after I had Coop it was a NIGHTMARE! My mom told me that Guy was horribly mean to Paityn and that he was a horrible dad to her and that he loved Anthony more....blah blah blah! I know that Guy favors Anthony and I know that he is hard on her but...I just dont know. My mom and DH but heads horribly so just to be an arse Guy would purposely buy a toy for Anthony and not for Paityn. Then my mom would get ALL bent out of shape go to the store and buy Paityn 3 and then one for Anthony. So then Guy would go and buy Anthony more and nothing for P....So flipping childish on both their parts. Guy has never done anything like that and only did it because he got a rise out of my mom at Paityns exspense. Doesn;t help that Guy strongly dislikes Paityn. He loves her but doesn't like her or any little girl for that matter. He finds them whiney and dramatic. I see that but what are you gonna do. We could get Anthony a toy from a quarter machine while Paityn is at school and not get one for Paityn and she will flip out. The other way around and Anthony could care less. I don't know if it is an age thing or a boy/girl thing....those are the things that Guy can't stand!

OK enough of my novel....
Elena I too love that outfit but don't really care about the crown either...I like the tie one too though. I just worry that a party hat on his head would bug him and all the pics will be of him grabbing his head!
As far as 1st birthdays...I just want to bury my head in the sand and pretend it's not happening!
BBl gotta get P off the bus
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