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Re: How do/did you let go of your LO? Childcare....

Request a background check thru your local PD. And google her name(and fiancÚ too!). Check with the state to see if she's license compliant & ever had complaints. Talk to past parents of any DC kids she's cared for. Just drop in sometimes.
Abuse can happen anywhere, don't let the idea of a center give you false security. I live a block from a center & I've called in on 2 cases of physical abuse by the caregivers(even with 3 teachers present!) by these people just walking with their classes on our bike trail by our house. If there is a culture of tolerance, center eyes get you nowhere. Think of "pack mentality". People alone wont sometimes do things they will when others ARE around. If people are gonna abuse, they'll do it no matter where it is.
I don't think home daycares are any more or less likely to abuse than centers.
Check. Talk. Check. Ask. Listen.
Bye bye.

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