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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

Tam, I would have a talk with mom and Guy and be like, "yeah this isn't happening in my house" and threaten to take back the stuff they buy since they are doing it out of spite/competition, not for the kiddos!
And listen, it can never be equal. even if they were the same age. Different personalities. Like if you bought her a barbie, but him a matchbox car, well barbies are more expensive than do you buy him 3-4? see? It gets nickel and dime-y and kids will learn to use that against you. I tried to spend the same amt for my kids for Easter or at least get them each 2 things. No one really noticed bc what I got for each of them, I thought about and made special for them, so it wasn't like, "oh you spent more on him" etc.

Mer, I was gonna ask how you are feeling! I didn't mean to leave her out in the May birthdays! I knew hers was before K's so idk why I flaked!

elena, bup is so cute! kailani says map or pap for up. here is his #1 shirt...
we aren't doing as big a party as i thought. his b-day is on a wed, so weekend before, us and the kids, cookout, smash cake. weekend after, his immed family and whomever of my immed that can come, cake and snacks only.
his parents want us to go here with them bc they have never been when they come: yummy amish buffet, but it is THREE hours away. And Hana is like, "3 hrs just to eat and then drive back? ell no!". His sis thought it was bc of our car so she offered to rent us one. And she is a person who does something even if you tell her NOT to (hence the reason I had 100 outfits for K that were 3-6 mo that I did nothing with :/). So Hana and I are joking that she will rent us a car, and he will say, "Thanks" and use it for work

AFK: he seems better (well now he is crying, lol), but he has felt "sticky" this whole time he has been sick. Even with showering or bathing every day. idk, it's weird bc it's not hot here and no fever.

gotta get ready for a lax game!
Jul, This used to be a great place
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