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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

well, yeah, Elena, I would travel for something like that for your DH! And also, if there was other stuff to do, like a place where K could crawl around, etc...."hey baby, sit in a car for 3 hrs, then sit in a high chair for an hr, then sit in the car for another 3". It's in the middle of amish farm land and NOTHING is around, like the servers were riding their (non-reflective) bikes home when we left on this small road and with their prayer caps and stuff and DH was all, "children of the corn" wigged out

I only started using the smash cake term bc that's what everyone else says . I made my oldest his own cake to do what he wanted to with it, my 2nd got the snowman hat portion of his huge snowman cake, the 3rd had a mickey mouse ice cream cake (I think that was for his 1st lol) and the 4th got a cake to himself...I think. My sis' daughters' made her son get all messy. he wasn't even touching it and they were smacking his hands in it (back in Nov) and putting frosting on his face (bratty ) and we were at my brother's house! so I thought that was unnecessary. If Kailani doesn't want to touch it, more cake for us . But see, for the kids/dh and I party for him, we are doing a "muffin" cake with homemade whipped topping and for the other party, it will be healthy cake or muffin with the homemade whipped topping but in a cupcake size. I don't care what he does with it :shrug:

I'm glad I get along with my ILs and parents. They do some things that drive me a bit batty, but we never see his fam, so the things they do I can ignore.
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