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Re: Gallbladder inflamed, according to schedule. anyone else?

Nothing to offer except sympathy!
Mine started to flare up during my pregnancy with my son (ON TOP of having HG, it was a pretty crappy 41 weeks lmao) and I ended up having massive inflammation and pancreatitis - so I had to have emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed, and then surgery to get the three stones that had escaped from my gallbladder into my pancreas. I was in the hospital for a good two weeks, lol.

My husband had JUST met our son (he was in Iraq when he was born, and didn't meet him until he was 3.5 months)
So he got to be full-time dad for two weeks- after only "knowing" the kid for a week! Haha!

I ate A LOT of white rice with soy sauce, plain bagels with margarine, and bananas/watermelon/honeydew. I'm SO sorry you're dealing with this! Hopefully with a modified diet things can at least be bearable!
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