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Re: going back to work after 2 1/2 yrs .... EEEkkkkk

i agree with the PP. i actually feel kind of ill in sympathy for you. but the first day will be the worst, then it will get a little easier each day afterwards. you might just find that a little break is a good thing and come to look forward to it! i know it sounds crazy, but when i was working a few hours in the afternoon it was my relaxation time. i got to pee when i wanted to pee, sit down when i wanted to sit down, be ALONE for a few minutes at least. i don't know that you would have those opportunities as a waitress but i would think you might in an administrative position.

don't even consider for a minute that being a mother has made you weak or lazy. i think that probably you have gained a perspective that other 24 year olds don't have, and that will translate in the workplace as better time management and multitasking skills. anyone who has ever BFed while on the phone and folding laundry (maybe even with one eye on a toddler) will tell you that being a mother comes along with its own skill set.

as hard as it is, you will just have to try to have faith in yourself. your idea about taking a class is a great one, though i think after you get back into it you will pick it up like riding a bike. and really the same goes for waitressing. if you had good customer service skills before they have only gotten better. you have the toughest customer ever that you are waiting on 24/7. as far as being cloth diaper. it doesn't seem like much now, but to the rest of the world that is a terrifying thought. you came, you snappied, you conquered!

i'll be thinking of you mama!
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