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Well, I'm here, LOL!

Sorry I've totally slacked on posting lately. Adjusting to life with a newborn here has been quite an upheaval!

Welcome L. E. who arrived on Wednesday, April 20 at 12:22pm. I had to be induced due to my elevated afp and the ob just wasn't comfortable leaving me to go to 42 weeks. We went in at 6am, got hooked up to the nst machine & saline iv. I was having ctxs, but nothing that was helping. I requested to have my water broke first to see if that got things moving. The OB came in around 7:30-8am, did that and told me I was only 2-3cm, 65% effaced & baby was at -2 station, which was no change from 5 days before when she swept me. So we let that be for another hour, and I thinned a bit more, but ctxs never changed. So I was hooked up to the smallest amount of pit to get things going. That happened at about 9am. I'd say around 10:30am I couldn't handle the contractions any longer, so I requested an epidural. Thankfully it took them only about 10 minutes to get there & I was feeling really good about 30 minutes later. I was able to relax, and felt like I had a lot of rectal pressure around 11:30ish and the ob came back in to check me. I was 100% effaced, 10cm and ready to push! It took a bit to get him out since I wasn't sure where I should be pushing with the epi in place. His head was also quite large, too, LOL! So after about a half hour of pushing, a couple tears and an episiotomy, he was born ♥

21" long

He has been nursing quite well, but now we both have thrush and are on nystatin for 3 weeks. Sleeping isn't so great overnight, he's up every 2hrs or so to eat and I'm so uncomfortable with this thrush, it's like needles in the boobs each time he eats. Otherwise, we're both doing well!

Thanks for reading!
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