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Re: what about regular clothes?

BabyLegs do have a way of growing on you; I thought they looked kind of weird/silly at first, but now I love them. And when we go out in them? People go gaga over them! I think in part, they're amused, but they also do find them genuinely cute. They're helpful now that he's crawling (although we don't have hard floors) and when it cools down in the evening, but I expect he'll wear them a lot more this winter.

Anyway, I DO take DS out in just a tee and diaper. I like showing his dipes off! I try to save the extra special ones for when we go out, but I'll also put him in a BG AIO. Honestly, I sort of think of it as my "duty," LOL. Like if we want more people to start CD'ing, we need to put it out there more. I don't like being pushy about it, so instead I put him in a cute CD and just wait for people to ask me. Plus, as a mama to a boy, I actually find a lot of dipes cuter than most of the clothes that are out there.

As to the fit issues, yeah, I have had some trouble with fit. But the thing is, there ARE trim dipes out there. If you really want your baby to wear true to size clothes, you'll just want to stick to those trimmer diapers: a lot of pockets, Daisy Doodles, etc. And if you're having a girl, you're lucky that dresses are totally doesn't matter how big the bubble booty underneath is!
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