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Re: Intervention to end BFing?!

Originally Posted by kushie tushie View Post
I'd be pissed... even if they have a problem with it, its none of their business....
Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes View Post
Totally. the aap recommends BF to 2 years.
Originally Posted by Qbit View Post
Maybe someone already commented on this but I skimmed and didn't see anything. I just wanted to say that, no, they are NOT correct! Breast milk never stops having nutritional advantages. Here's a really interesting link you should check out...

I'm lucky that my DS is not a picky eater, but if he were a picky eater like many toddlers are, I don't think I would be as stressed out about it as many parents are because I know that he is getting all kinds of good stuff from my milk still.

Yes to all this and a bunch more I didnt quote!
Im offended for you, you know who is disgusting?!?! THEY are, gah fo' realz yo!!
I nursed my son till he was 4ish, it just slowly dwindled down little by little till it was naturally pretty much done.
I plan to do the same thing with this one, I think she might wean a bit sooner, her personality is just different.

Anyway I hope you dont let them have an affect on YOUR choices and whats right for YOUR baby.

I really cant imagine having someone(s) having the where w/all to confront you like that.

My grandmother doesnt really support my "long term nursing" but meh she's not me and I dont really have to deal w/her since we hardly see her.
I actually met my DF while I was still nursing my son (we started dating right before my son turned 3yo), so he is familar w/the game plan and is obviously fine w/it.
My parents supported my choices as well, which was good since we lived w/them for a long time.
My mom BFed for 6 months and had to wean me since she was going back to work, but wished she could have done it for at least a year.

I really cant imagine having to deal w/people like that in my life, even if I didnt listen to them Id be so PO'ed and sad.

Just keep doing what your doing! You seem to have it all figured it out!
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