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Re: Stealing from Oct group again... needle trick?

Originally Posted by srkobus View Post
this one confuses me a little. does it take into account mc's? but i did find it funny that when i did it recently it was the same result as when a patient's wife at work did it for me when i was pg with dd#3.

mine says g,g,g,g,b then stops

my pg hist is mc, g, mc (but a blighted ovem, so no actualy baby?), g, g, ?

sooo... if it takes into the first mc and that was a girl this would be a boy, if it does not take into account any mc, then this would be a g and we will never know about that b as i am NOT having anymore after this, lol! confusing!
I was reading the entire link and it DOES say it counts mc's. I haven't done this yet, but am curious to see what the results are if I can figure it out. I'll be back to post if they are clear. Fun
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