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Re: alpha omega??

ITA with raceNzanesmom -- the AO is fine for RF, but there are more affordable seats that are at least as good RF & much better FF ... IMO the AO is horrible FF because of it's excruciatingly infuriatingly confusing top slot issue (it's not for harness, but only for booster, which means too many kids outgrow the harness before they're ready for booster use!) ... it also sucks as a booster IMO because the shell is so short that kids outgrow it before they pass the 5 Step Test to graduate to seatbelt only They sure advertise it well, tricking the average buying population, otherwise it wouldn't be in production anymore based solely on technician feedback.

If Britax or Recaro are out of the question, then I'd choose between the Evneflo Triumph Advance (with 35# RF limit, 55# FF limit + taller shell & superduper EASY harness adjustment!) or the Safety 1st Uptown or Sunshine Kids Radian if it installs in your vehicle correctly (Triumph Advance & Uptown are more likely to install correctly in more vehicles than the Radian, but the Radian can tether RF)
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