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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

So I don't like my new due date group...they are being super, um, b&*&#$&*#@ and it's kind of annoying. We've been preggo for like two months and there is no love there, no support really either. They got into a fight because someone wanted to get rid of her dog because it isn't working and another mama tore into her and in a mean way and basically every time someone said something she kept saying "I will let this die, I don't hold grudges" but she kept needing to have the last word and posted that sentence like a dozen times. Anyway they are really mean to each other in general, and I know that some people click more then others - just like a year down the road some of us post more then others and some of us are FB friends bla bla bla...I wasn't expecting sunshine and happiness all the time - but DH is deployed, I am hella crazy pregnant lady, my family is being a pain, and what I thought was going to help (support from ladies who are pregnant at the same time as me) just makes me more depressed. Anyway I like you ladies because you all are beyond awesome, and I started posting in the knitters and spinners daily chat and they are pretty cool...I think I'm just venting again....I suck at being pregnant lol.
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