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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

Mer!!! just post to us like we are preggo too and we will respond like we are I still rem how it was with Kailani, so I could play along . I feel so blessed, I have you all (what about 10 of us on FB/here) and my DDC from TBW (about 12 of us) and it is a lifesaver. When my kids were babies, I had a lot of support IRL (now I am in this weird spot with older kids and babies) and the internet was just starting. I did have an email group (but this was dial-up) for my son's SPD and that was a huge support as well.

Tam, seriously, I hate to be a beish, but ita with mer and elena. Tell him it's the dogs or you all. And the dogs will be gone when he gets back. Sure, he may try to blame stuff on you, why can't you deal with it, etc, etc. SO WHAT! he knows you have trouble dealing with it, so he needs to respect that. He can't change how you feel. I understand compromise, so this would be mine: 1. dh cleans up after, feeds, walks, etc the dogs. 2. they don't get on the furniture (you clean the house, right? so you are the one de-hairing the furniture). 3. when he is deployed, the dogs get kenneled. no matter for how long. What does he get out of it? He gets to keep his wife and his fn dogs!

Elena, on AF. congrats on the baby girl in the fam (hey you already have a girl, so don't be too jealous ). my SIL just had a baby boy 9lb 10oz in SC and he has an almost 2 yr old sis. My mom came over today to see pics online (they have dial-up, and I don't think she even knows how to turn on the computer!)

The cup- I thought about it. I even had the gal at the local health food store order me one, but I never got it. I always worry about the stem. I know you can cut it, but I am really little there. I mean, really. I have used sea pearls, the japanese sea sponges and I loved them (I just need more). And I got some mama tampons a few months ago, but I IMMEDIATELY lost the pkg when I opened it and haven't found them yet!

Off to do...idk, I need to do some baking but I am feeling lazy as per usual
Jul, This used to be a great place
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