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Re: JuneBugs MAY chat!

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
You deserve to be happy, and if the dogs are causing problems then they need to go - particularly since you DH gets deployed on a regular basis.
Yup, exactly. The dogs need to be all his responsibility if he's the one wanting them. Nothing for you to have to deal with at all.

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
So I don't like my new due date group...they are being super, um, b&*&#$&*#@ and it's kind of annoying. We've been preggo for like two months and there is no love there, no support really either. They got into a fight because someone wanted to get rid of her dog because it isn't working and another mama tore into her and in a mean way and basically every time someone said something she kept saying "I will let this die, I don't hold grudges" but she kept needing to have the last word and posted that sentence like a dozen times. Anyway they are really mean to each other in general, and I know that some people click more then others - just like a year down the road some of us post more then others and some of us are FB friends bla bla bla...I wasn't expecting sunshine and happiness all the time - but DH is deployed, I am hella crazy pregnant lady, my family is being a pain, and what I thought was going to help (support from ladies who are pregnant at the same time as me) just makes me more depressed. Anyway I like you ladies because you all are beyond awesome, and I started posting in the knitters and spinners daily chat and they are pretty cool...I think I'm just venting again....I suck at being pregnant lol.
Do you mean the DD group on here? That's too bad. I think different people click and some don't, that's life. But it would be nice to have a group that clicked, for sure. No worries about posting to us! We'll always listen and give a or advice if we can!

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
I understand compromise, so this would be mine: 1. dh cleans up after, feeds, walks, etc the dogs. 2. they don't get on the furniture (you clean the house, right? so you are the one de-hairing the furniture). 3. when he is deployed, the dogs get kenneled. no matter for how long. What does he get out of it? He gets to keep his wife and his fn dogs!

Elena, on AF. congrats on the baby girl in the fam (hey you already have a girl, so don't be too jealous ). my SIL just had a baby boy 9lb 10oz in SC and he has an almost 2 yr old sis. My mom came over today to see pics online (they have dial-up, and I don't think she even knows how to turn on the computer!)

The cup- I thought about it. I even had the gal at the local health food store order me one, but I never got it. I always worry about the stem. I know you can cut it, but I am really little there. I mean, really. I have used sea pearls, the japanese sea sponges and I loved them (I just need more). And I got some mama tampons a few months ago, but I IMMEDIATELY lost the pkg when I opened it and haven't found them yet!
That's a great compromise idea, Jul! That way it wouldn't be any issue for Tamara, other than generally having the dogs in the house - which I do understand even that is extra work, but better than what's happening now.

I'm not too upset about AF or anything. I'm kinda glad it showed when it did, cuz I was getting closer and closer to wanting to test just to check. Now I know. Although I'm incredibly exhausted and nauseated at times... and keep thinking back to Isaac's pregnancy (didn't find out I was pregnant until after 12d of heavy bleeding). Meh. If I happen to still feel like this after the bleeding stops I'll test to be sure, lol. I was so tired today I had to take a half hour nap with Levi - just could not keep my eyes open! (that would not be a normal thing for me, ftr)

I know we have a girl, but I want an itty newbie girl again! She'll come to us some day. I wish we were close to DH's family so we could see them all and really get to know our little nephews and this new baby when she comes.
Hmm... I have to think more about the cup. I just don't want to shell out the $$ and then not like it. They're kinda pricey to buy and try.

AFM: Oy, I so need to go make supper. Nachos... I think. Blah.
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