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Re: Spotlight 4/29 :: Shannon (b15chik)

ahhh i'm so nervous and sooo not interesting!!!
Originally Posted by Kbunz14 View Post
Style Insparations? (people, places, things...) i'm pretty boring as far as style goes. i'm a tshirt, jeans and flip flops kinda girl. i have about 45987438597 pairs of shoes, but i only wear my flip flops. dh hates it!
Favorite Color? i'd have to say pink
Any Pets? we have an english bulldog named titan and a tortie named silvia

Favorite board/card game?you know, i don't really play board games/card games much at all to even have a favorite. i do want to start family game night once the kids are old enough for it, so i guess i better get on that!
Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
Vacation spot? we went to the bahamas (nassau) on our honeymoon, and that place was absolutely amazing and i'd love to go back someday. maybe to check out a different island

Talents? safe to say i have no exciting talents. people tell me i'm a great cook and baker, but maybe they're just being nice haha. i do enjoy cooking and could really go for a huge apple crisp right now, but don't have all the ingredients

Favorite food? round table pizza! unfortunately they have closed all the ones out here so i don't get it unless we go to san diego . normally we buy a whole bunch and bring it home and freeze it for me
Originally Posted by Chatt-townmommy View Post
oops, missed this thread!

How are you liking your new home? love love love it!!! it's so nice to have so much space, and it looks like we own nothing because our other house was so small lol. we had/are having a bunch of hiccups and things keep breaking (our freakin ac went out a few days after we moved in, for example), but overall i'm so happy.

Any tips on moving/organizing (since thatt will be me soon)? i wasn't really allowed to help with the moving aspect (which i was very happy about lol), so as soon as we arrived at the house with the boxes i started unpacking them while the guys brought everything in. honestly aside from some random stuff like cd's, i had us completely unpacked within 2 or 3 days. such a nice change because usually when we move we're living out of boxes for what seems like forever

DO you have a job or go to college?i'm a sahm and don't currently go to school. i am only 8 or so classes away from finishing my crime scene tech degree, but i'm not sure if/when i'll go back for that. i really enjoy being at home but that may change once kids are off to school and whatnot
Shannon- SAHM to a very handsome boy Dominic born 4/7/09 and a sweet little girl Riley born 8/15/11
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