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Re: Cow milk vs Formula

My first was sensitive to regular formula so we put her on soy at 3 mos (after 3mos of screaming). At 1yr she was able to switch to cows milk.

My second we put on soy right at birth, then I read some studies about soy proteins causing issues with thyroid levels (& i was diagnose hypothryoid after having #2) so I switched her to lactose free. she DIDNT tolerate cows milk at 1yr & STILL at 5yrs old has to drink lactaid and the only dairy she can tolerate is a little bit of cheese (like 1 slice a day max).

My third we put on soy at birth, tried lactose free after a few months (2-3) and she was screaming & spitting up like crazy! I thought it was the formula, Dr said it was colic starting (at 9wks???) and reflux. After about 3wks of screaming & spitting up ALL THE TIME, I went back to soy formula & she was fine. (isomil bothered her for some reason but not parents choice) At 1yr we switched her to soy milk, at 16mos we slowly introduced lactaid & now at 17mos shes on lactaid only. Not sure if/when I'll try cows milk with her again.
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