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what to wear/pack for water birth?

hey mamas, i'm hoping for a water birth this this one, and am trying to figure out what to wear (and what to bring)! i was thinking i would wear a cami in the pool, but then i thought, ugh, that soaks up all the water, and what if i'm in and out of the pool? would i change every time? no one wants to sit in wet clothes... i know a lot of people wear bikini tops, i could do that, but mine are really too small while i'm pregnant and have enormous boobs, and they hurt after a while (tying the top behind my neck) holding up these heavy things!

what did you do?

what did you WISH you'd done?


also, what did you pack? our birthing center will send us home like 4 hours after the birth, so obviously i don't have to pack a bunch of overnight stuff, but i don't want to get there and wish i had changes of clothes. if you had a water birth, do you actually get in and out of the pool? or once you're in do you tend to stay in? is everyone different?

i have no idea!!

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