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Re: How do/did you let go of your LO? Childcare....

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
I am not one of those moms that thinks "I'm the only one that can do this" so for me it is easy. My kid will be fine for a few hours as long as someone changes her diaper and feeds her. If there is a problem, they will call me. Kids also do dumb stuff sometimes (DD is a klutz) and yes, she might get hurt. That is a part of life. I just move on with my day. When you look at the number of daycare providers vs the number of abuse cases, it is an amazingly small percentage. My kid is more likely to be hurt in a car accident than abused at a daycare. I visited several places, and chose a place where the teachers were warm and caring, and there were lots of hugs and smiles. Parents are always welcome to walk in to my DD's MDO school after checking in at the office, and every time I have ever just dropped in, she is having a blast and smiling.

Seriously, kids love being around other kids. My daughter runs in the door of her MDO program totally excited to see her teachers and talks about her friends all the time.

I couldn't say it any better. My kiddos love the in home daycare they attend. They ask to go on Saturday sometiems because there are kids to play with. By Tuesdays they are missing thier friends. Yes they come home with bumps and bruises all over thier legs. but they are wild and crazy boys who run, jump, and play. I would much prefer that then them staying inside all day watcing TV or in a more class room type. They will get enough of that in school.

I actually do not mind them wanting to go and getting excited to go. To me that means they are having fun, are comfortable there. If they didn't want to go and put up a big fuss then I would be worried that there was something wrong.
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