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Re: It might be a....

Originally Posted by ambersrose View Post
I dont have any boys so I can't comment on the u/s but congrats on the boy! In my family my father was the only boy and had 8 sisters, my mother was one of four girls (no boys), I am one of three girls (no boys) and I have two girls. If I was to find out this was a boy it would be a bit surreal and strange for me. It would be really cool but weird. After so many girls how are you feeling about a having boy?
I feel great! I actually got really emotional about it because I had fully convinced myself that I would never have a son. I love my girls so it was never a disappointed feeling, I just believed it wouldn't happen for me. So not only was I completely surprised by this pregnancy, I also get to have a son! The tech was pretty sure of herself so I'm believing her. But, just in case, I'm going to wait to get rid of the girly stuff till he's here!

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